Editing Challenge is preparing for 2013

link to 90to5 Editing Awards start again soon

Hey Fans of the Edit,

How have you been? 90to5 is back for 2013!
As you can see, we are redesigning the challenge page and we are working on a couple of other improvements… thanks to your feedback!
We are talking to sponsors right now and hope to again get you some mouthwatering editing soft- and hardware awards. If you happen to be / know of a company creating cool editing related products that wants to see it’s banner on 90to5 – let us know!
Check the awards page to see who’s in so far and what prizes you can expect this time around.


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Tilmann Vogt is one of the creative heads behind 90to5. In real life he is an animator and designer mostly working in feature film.

2 thoughts on “Editing Challenge is preparing for 2013”

  1. How are people NOT super jazzed about this?! This sounds like an amazing competition and I totally want in! Thanks for putting this together and best of luck to all the entrants.

    So, when does this competition start, is there a place I can go to get all the details, and what is the source material?

    1. Hey Joshua,

      Thanks for your comment. There will be another post with some more details in the next days and the call for entries is only 1-2 weeks away, too. So stay tuned… You can already take a look at http://challenge.90to5.org/movies/ for pd movie lists as well as download resources.
      Looking forward to the challenge – and your entry!

      The 90to5ers

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