90to5 Editing Challenge 2014 is coming soon

Editing Challenge is back – whooohooo!!!

90to5 Editing Challenge 2014 is coming soon!

We are super excited!
And ready, right in time for the world-cup. No, wait – you can’t watch football and edit at the same time, do you? Research showed that only 2% of people can multitask successfully. So the challenge actually starts in a couple of weeks… but we already work hard behind the scenes to get the 2014 edition off the ground…

… e.g. creating a forum:
Editing can be pretty tough, right? What if you could ask for advice on how to tastefully slice this blockbuster into bite-sized pieces?
You can take a look at the forum already (http://challenge.90to5.org/forum/), which some of you will hopefully be using to learn from each other…

… putting past edits on the 90to5 youtube channel (starting soon)

… opening the challenge up to more recent movies (especially for the fun award)

… still looking for sponsors contributing to awesome prizes (let us know if you know an editing related company/service/association that would like to be part of the fun)

We will be back with more details soon – keep your fingers crossed and your mouse clean ;9
The 90to5ers

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Tilmann Vogt is one of the creative heads behind 90to5. In real life he is an animator and designer mostly working in feature film.

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