Thank you editors!

Dear 90to5 editors,

Thank you so much for all those edit-treats you sent us! We are happily munching away 😀

These are the next steps: You can relax and enjoy watching upcoming edits at
We will continue to post about one edit per day for about 20 days. After that we will announce when the public voting will be happening (a period of roughly two weeks). In the meantime the jurors will do their magic behind closed doors to figure out this year’s winners. This requires a lot of communication as our jury is spread all over the world… Hopefully we will be able to announce the winners in the first half of December. Watch this space for updates…
Thanks a lot for your awesome edits, your patience and for being such good sports – it has been a fabulous ride for us so far and we are looking forward to the next weeks.

The 90to5ers

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Tilmann Vogt is one of the creative heads behind 90to5. In real life he is an animator and designer mostly working in feature film.

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