Thank you 90to5 editors!

Dear 90to5 editors,

Thank you so much for taking the tough 90to5 challenge this year – it was well worth it! Lots of gems can already be watched and there are still quite a few in line to be published at 😀

These are the next steps: You can relax and enjoy watching the upcoming edits. We will continue to post your edits till they are all online mid/late November. Once they can all be watched, public voting will take place (a period of roughly two weeks). In the meantime the jurors will do their magic behind closed doors to determine this year’s winners.
Thanks again for your great works of art and for being such good sports – it has been a smooth game for us so far and we are looking forward to the next weeks.

The 90to5ers

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Tilmann Vogt is one of the creative heads behind 90to5. In real life he is an animator and designer mostly working in feature film.

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