About the 90to5 Editing Challenge

The 90to5 Editing Challenge is all about the art & fun of film editing. We encourage everybody to take part in our competition in order to polish personal editing skills but also to advance the art of the edit in general.

Cut a 90 minute feature down to 5

We dare you to edit a full feature length movie down to 5 minutes – without losing the essence of the story! Basically, you create a short film using only the material (audio/visuals) provided by the 90 minute feature: True Edit Award
Or you create a 5 minute edit using different music (or even add a few visuals from another source) to go for the Creative Edit Award

Watch Sofia explain how it’s done

It’s as easy as falling off a log

1. Pick your favorite movie
2. Start up the editing software of your choice and cut away…
3. Upload your masterpiece ’til October 26th November 1st, 2016!
4. Win cool stuff!

Watch last year’s edits to get inspired

Quite a couple of awesome edits can be found at 90to5.org or at our youtube channel. Notice the differences in movies that have been edited multiple times.

The 90to5 team

PS: We also put together a little FAQ. If you have any other questions or suggestions (e.g. a link to an awesome tutorial page) drop us a line.