Art of Editing

Art of Editing: cutting Cake



The First Signs of Film Editing by André Gaudreault
Wikipedia on Film Editing
Notes on Digital Film Editing by Gerhard Schumm
Art of Editing at Videouniversity (10 parts)


Editing Aesthetics and Further Surfing

Best Film Editing Sequences
Art of the Guillotine – Blog/Podcast/Resources…
Film Editing Podcast hosted by Patrick J. Don Vito
Thoughts on Editing and Observations on Film Art by K. Thompson and D. Bordwell
Useful Resource Links at Joyoffilmediting by Gael Chandler


There’s also tons of good books on amazon, e.g.:

On Film Editing
The Invisible Cut
The Film Editing Room Handbook
Walter Murch and the Art of Editing Film



Tiny glossary at
Another glossary at

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