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Thanks heaps everyone for the awesome edits! We are very excited to announce: On September 20, 2012 at 2 PM UTC (that’s 10 AM in New York) will go online, featuring all those beautiful edits!
We still received requests from editors running out of time to allow a couple more hours to finish with the last touches. That is why we keep open for submissions while preparing the 90to5 website… that means we need the late entries by September 18, 11:59 PM UTC at the very latest. A big sorry goes to the editors that managed to submit their work prior to August 15 – it has been quite a wait… so we prepared a little cutting game as a pastime: 90to5 Salad Challenge! (aka Papa Salad!)

Happy chopping! See you on September 20 at

The 90to5 team


Papa Salad Cutting Game

Whew! Deadline Extended to 9/9/2012

Deadline Extended for 90to5 Editing Challenge

Good news for busy bees as well as procrastinators… you get another 25 days to submit your edit. But hurry up – time flies and the chances of winning a nice wad of cash have never been bigger: we have received 15 edits so far and there are four prizes – you don’t have to be an expert on probability calculus to do the math. It would be insane not to participate…

Take another look at the appetizing prizes: and join the fun!

Editing rocks!  🙂

The 90to5ers

Metropolis 2

90to5 Metropolis

Inspired by the entries we received – we had some fun reediting the Metropolis example. What do you think – is it better than the one we posted ealier?

Talking Metropolis – check out the news about the Metropolis movie poster. And another more or less related news: a custom made Gulliver action figure – Gulliver’s Travels from 1939 is an animated feature also in the public domain.

Anyways, keep the entries coming! You rock!

The 90to5 guys

Watch this!

90to5 Metropolis

We 90to5’d Fritz Lang’s Metropolis. It might be somewhat special as it’s a 153 minute German silent movie, but you get the picture. Comments are more than welcome (do you think the “trading lifes” story should be explained? Is it important to show Freder chasing for Marie in Rotwangs house? What can be edited out instead?).

Looking forward to better versions of 5-Mintropolis.