What’s it all about?

You edit a 90 minute feature down to 5 minutes, submit that clip and win.

Is the movie xyz in the public domain?

Check out our movies page, google a bit and run your title through this Copyright Catalog. If you are still in doubt, send a message to legal(at)90to5.org.

Am I allowed to edit & submit movie xyz?

We don’t want you/us to get into trouble, that’s why we don’t allow the latest Marvel blockbusters. To make sure your edit stays online for the jury to look at, choose a public domain movie. If you feel courageous, you can go for any movie (release date 2000 or earlier). We count on the Fair Use of artistic works, so we hope there will be no problems (we suggest to use Vimeo account instead of Youtube in this case) – all the details are on the movies page.

Can I submit a 6 minute edit?

Your edit has to be between 1:00 minute and 5:50 minutes. Check the list of requirements for more details.

I am from Zimbabwe, live in Thailand and have a German shepherd – can I still participate?

Yep! Everybody can join the fun – there are no country restrictions.

Is there an entry fee? Or anything else I have to pay?


I can’t decide which movie to pick

Fear not! You can edit and submit as many clips as you like. However, to help you choose take a look at the movies page.

What kind of techniques and effects are allowed

Pretty much everything in the editor’s toolkit… which usually doesn’t include added explosions and cg spaceships.

I have this idea of editing Dementia 13 into romantic comedy…

Go for it! The Creative Edit Award is dedicated to those creative interpretations.

How am I supposed to go about participating?

Just pick a moviesoftware tool, watch some tutorials and off you go…

Why only PD, CC and free youtube movies?

You can choose any movie with release date 2000 o earlier. We encourage our participants to use different films as others which have been edited several times the last years. Diversity of movies will be funnier, but… copyright is pretty important. The big studios don’t see a joke in putting their stuff online. That is why we suggest to make a trial with the movie you have chosen, uploading part of your edit to Youtube or Vimeo, and seeing if there is any copyright trouble. Remember that your edit needs to stay online so the jury can look at it. We recommend to use a Vimeo account if your edit is not from a Public Domain film. This platform allows Fair Use for artistic works, and that’s what we do in the 90to5 Editing Challenge.

Who will be the judge?

We will have a jury of acclaimed editors to judge your edits. There will also be an Audience Award and and Editor’s Pick Award.

If I enter my e-mail address, will you sell it to the viagra store?

No! We hate spam! That’s why we won’t send you hourly updates and that’s why we won’t pass on your details!

You suck/rock! How can I tell you?

Use our contact form or simply shoot an e-mail to info(at)90to5.org.



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  1. Hi I was wondering if this is a one time thing or will you be doing this again after the 31st? I ask because I only just found out about this today and I really want to take part but don’t know if I will have time this week.

    1. Hi Kirstie, thanks for your message. October 31st is the final deadline for this year’s challenge. We hope we can get another challenge organized in 2014. It would be awesome if you can still make it this time around, though 😀

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