You will certainly ask yourselves which movie to choose for your edit this time.
Keep in mind that the release date has to be 2000 or earlier (unless it’s a public domain or copyright-free film, then you can choose anyone from any year). We encourage you to choose any movie you like, hoping that their fair use as an artistic work won’t be a problem in Vimeo or Youtube. But if you prefer not to take a risk, well, here are some ideas:

Free Youtube Movies

1. There is a huge number of Free Movies on Youtube. Check out for example Pizza Flicks, Paramount Movie Vault or Viewster. Those features should be pretty safe to edit for our competition. Make sure the movie you choose has been online for several month (so it’s not just that youtube didn’t have time to delete it yet). These are just some of the great films you can choose to edit:

Free Youtube Movies


Creative Commons Movies

2. Another option is the Creative Commons. There are quite a few big-hearted filmmakers around these days, offering free access to their great art.

Here is a list including feature films: Movies under Creative Commons
Only movies with a length of +50 minutes are eligible for the 90to5 challenge. You can also use this search function to get what you are looking for: Search CC Databases.

Public Domain Movies

3. And of course we are similarly happy about edits of the good ol’ classics in the Public Domain.

Here are a couple of links we found pointing to those flicks:
wikipedia list of public domain movies
great PD resource and link list at the Pratt Library
The Internet Archive
IMDb list of movies in the public domain
Openculture 1, Openculture 2
100 Movies In The Public Domain

However, there are plenty more sources – google is your friend. If you want to check public domain status in the US, this search form is pretty useful.

90to5 - Five Minute Movie Edits

Oh, and maybe take a look at what’s at already. You might want to explore never before edited movies… or you find something that makes you think ‘this edit needs a new version’.


Copyright and Fair Use

Some serious words about copyright, which is a big issue for us all. As you know, this challenge and our website is made and supported by art fans and dedicated to all movie lovers. As we don’t want you and us to get sued, we do respect the commercial interests of the film industry and don’t accept edits of the most recent blockbuster movies. But there are plenty of great movies freely available which are not in the commercial focus of the production companies anymore. These are the gems that definitely need editing! We encourage you to buy the DVD of such movies (if they are still available) and thus make the most out of your editing experience.

Public Domain Movies

Sometimes, production companies and their licensees that post movies for free add with advertisements shown every 10-15 minutes to still generate a little bit of income. So if you upload your edits on Youtube, you allow those production companies to put ads in front of the 90to5 edits, so they don’t feel offended and all the other youtubers are still able to see your wonderful art. The income from such advertisements is for the production companies, so they should be satisfied with the additional cash. However, there is still a higher risk of one of those edits being taken down by the rights holder (compared to PD and CC).

You might think “Fair Use” applies to all 90to5 edits, as they are made for educational purposes – to improve and discuss editing skills. Unfortunately, not all countries have “Fair Use” in their regulations and on platforms like Youtube it’s sometimes hard to enforce: Read this story about one of the best examples of Fair Use. This is just to say we have to keep an eye on this and be aware that we might have to apply changes if we are asked to do so.

If you are unsure about copyrights or if you have a specific question, please do not hesitate to contact us and together we’ll find a solution!

…but now it’s time to prepare those scissors – happy choosing and editing

The 90to5ers

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