The original movie has to be

  • a free youtube movie / created under creative commons / in the public domain – find movies to edit here
  • at least 50 minutes long


Your 5 minute edit should

  • be between 1:00 and 5:50 minutes long
  • summarize the story (True Edit Award) or be different (Creative Edit Award)
  • only use material of one movie (some exceptions apply to Creative Edit Award – see below)
  • be nicely edited (not too fast/confusing)
  • have a resolution of at least 640×480 or 854×480 pixels (square pixels)
  • be smaller than 500MB
  • not show watermarks
  • have subtitles if audio is not English
  • be named: MovieTitle_Year_YourName, (e.g. Metropolis_1939_MerryMeinfeld.mov)
  • be one of the following file-types: mov, mp4, m4v or avi
  • be encoded with a common codec like H264 or mp4 (no iCod/AIC please)



  • True Edit Award / 90to5 Editor’s Pick Award – summarize the original story in 5 minutes using only the material (visuals/audio) from the original movie
  • Creative Edit Award – create a 5 minute short film using the original footage and other sources like (preferably public domain) music. This category includes altered stories like in The Shining Recut or musik videos
    (please mention in text box when uploading)


After the upload

    Your clip it is not going to be visible immediately after uploading, as this is not an automated process. Usually, it will take us a couple of days to get everything ready, depending on the amount of submissions and a couple of other factors. So please be patient.



    When you would like to have some feedback prior to submitting your clip, feel free to upload it to youtube/vimeo and post a link in the forum. Everybody is welcome to help each other improve their clips by making suggestions. We encourage comments like “great stuff – if you edited this one sequence a little tighter, or left out that shot, it would be perfect imho” and we won’t publish or delete rude comments.



  • October 26th November 1st, 2016


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