The original movie has to be

  • At least 50 minutes long.
  • Choose your favorite movie, release date 2000 or earlier, unless it is a Public Domain or Copyright-free film, then you can use any film from any year.
    We recommend using older movies as source to avoid copyright issues. The jury will only be able to look at edits that are still available on youtube/vimeo at the time of judging. You might want to upload a test edit to your youtube/vimeo account prior to submit your edit, just to see what their’s filters allow and what not. If it tells you there is copyrighted material used which will be monetized by a third party, that’s ok, it will just add some ads. However, it says it will be blocked in some countries, please use another movie.”

Your 5 minute edit should

  • Be between 1:00 and 5:50 minutes long
  • Summarize the story (True Edit Award) or be different (Creative Edit Award)
  • Only use material of one movie (some exceptions apply to Creative Edit Award – see below)
  • Be nicely edited (not too fast/confusing)
  • Have a resolution of at least 640×480 or 854×480 pixels (square pixels)
  • Not show watermarks
  • Have subtitles if audio is not English
  • Be named: MovieTitle (Year) by YourName for 90to5 (e.g.: Debbie Does Dallas (1978) by The Wad for 90to5)
  • Put your name to the intro/outro images and attacht to your edit – Download intro/outro images


  • True Edit Award – summarize the original story in 5 minutes using only the material (visuals/audio) from the original movie
  • Creative Edit Award – create a 5 minute short film using the original footage and other sources like (preferably public domain) music. This category includes altered stories like in The Shining Recut and Scary Mary. See how much a story can change with a totally different audiovisual editing.
    (Please mention the category you choose in text box when submitting)


    • Upload your final edit to your personal Vimeo or Youtube account.
    • Remember to write in the title: MovieTitle (Year) by YourName for 90to5 (e.g.: Debbie Does Dallas (1978) by The Wad for 90to5).
    • Send the link of your edit to us through gro<tod>5ot09null<ta>ofni
    • Don’t forget to copy the title in the subject line: MovieTitle (Year) by YourName for 90to5, and write some info about you (who you are, why you have decided to participate, why you have chosen that film and whatever you want to tell us).
    • You can edit and submit as many clips as you like.

      After the submit

      Your clip it is not going to be visible in our website immediately after you submit it, as this is not an automated process. Usually, it will take us a couple of days to get everything ready, depending on the amount of submissions and a couple of other factors. So please be patient.

  • Forum

    If you would like to have some feedback prior to submit your clip, feel free to post a link in forum before sending it to gro<tod>5ot09null<ta>ofni. Everybody is welcome to help each other ro improve their clips by making suggestions. We encourage comments like “great stuff – if you edited this one sequence a little tighter, or left out that shot, it would be perfect imho” and we will delete rude comments.

  • Deadline

    • November 1st 10th, 2017


    A jury will choose among all the edits submitted a first and a second place for these categories:

    • True Edit Award
    • Creative Edit AwardAll editors who have participated will be able to choose their favourite edit for the:
    • 90to5 Editor’s Pick AwardWe will tell you how to vote in this category after November 1st 10th, 2017, when all the edits had been submitted. Obviously, you won’t be able to vote your one.The last but not least important award will be choose by our audience:
    • Audience AwardSo tell to your friends, relatives and to everyone to Watch&Vote

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