Where to upload your edit

Hassle Free Uploads

Before you upload

Please take a look at the specs page before uploading to make sure all the requirements are met. And you might want to check out our terms and conditions, too (in a nutshell: You grant us the right to show your edit online non-exclusively – that means you still have all the rights to do whatever you want with your clip).

Where to upload your edit?

Upload your edit to your Vimeo or Youtube account.

Remember to write in the title: MovieTitle (Year) by YourName for 90to5 (e.g.: Debbie Does Dallas (1978) by The Wad for 90to5).
Once you have the link, send it to gro<tod>5ot09null<ta>ofni and tell us some info about you.

Let us know if you have any issues – we have always found a way to make the transfer happen. Looking forward to your edit 🙂

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