Thank you 90to5 editors!

Dear 90to5 editors,

Thank you so much for taking the tough 90to5 challenge this year – it was well worth it! Lots of gems can already be watched and there are still quite a few in line to be published at 😀

These are the next steps: You can relax and enjoy watching the upcoming edits. We will continue to post your edits till they are all online mid/late November. Once they can all be watched, public voting will take place (a period of roughly two weeks). In the meantime the jurors will do their magic behind closed doors to determine this year’s winners.
Thanks again for your great works of art and for being such good sports – it has been a smooth game for us so far and we are looking forward to the next weeks.

The 90to5ers

Call for Volunteers

Help! We are having a baby boom at 90to5! All of us have daytime jobs – we used to organize the 90to5 Editing Challenge in our free time, that’s now filled with changing diapers. But we can still make it happen – with your help! The idea is that quite a few people will do just a little task each, rocking it together. Who is in?

These are some of the things you can do to make this year’s challenge the best one ever:


– share editing related stuff you would share anyways on your favorite social network on behalf of 90to5.
– post about the 90to5 edits

Celeb Connector

Approach seasoned editors and editing celebs on our behalf – get them to e.g. give us an interview (skype / written) or give a critique to the winning edit or a 10 minute skype consultation to the winner (or to join the jury).

90to5 Editors Communicator

Reply to questions 90to5 contestants have and collect their votes for the Editor’s Pick Award.

Head of Jury

Be in touch with our jury, collect votes or even find additional jurors.

WordPress Manager

Create and post all movie pages at (some basic HTML knowledge is a plus)

Editor in Chief

Add the title card to front and end of the submitted edits, and convert em to mp4. (Using our templates for After Effects and Photoshop should make things fairly easy)

Sponsorship Acquisitor

Try to connect with new sponsors from the editing world so we have nice prizes and can pay the bills for the server or get goodies for jurors/volunteers.

Film Rights Collector

Approach production companies / rights holders on our behalf in order to allow their films to be edited at the 90to5 challenge

Web Developer

We have a few ideas how to improve our websites, but little knowledge/time to do so. You happen to know some php and wordpress and would love to test your skills? You’re in 😀

…or anything else that you can think of that you would love doing and you believe the 90to5 challenge could use.

All positions can be shared by a few people so it should be a piece of cake for everyone. The positions we can’t fill, we’ll still try to do ourselves. If we don’t get a lot of response though, there’s still a chance we might cancel the event for this year and hope for our babies to behave by 2017…

Keep in mind – as long as we don’t win the lottery or a solvent sponsor, this is just for fun. However, communicating on our behalf with jurors/celebs/sponsors or other editors will surely win you new friends, expand your professional network and hopefully open some doors for you. Also you might gain some new insights and might influence with your ideas where the challenge will be heading in the future. We definitely put your name/picture on our webpages and volunteer work does look good on your resume, too 🙂
Just drop a message to gro<tod>5ot09null<ta>ofni mentioning your favorite position(s) and we will jump for joy 😀
If you can’t make it yourself, please share this to your friends who might be interested in lending us a hand. Thank you so much for your support!

The 90to5ers

Award Winners Announced

The 90to5 Editing Challenge 2015 was an incredible ride for us and your edits so much fun to watch! Thank you 90to5 editors! Thank you 90to5 jurors! Thank you 90to5 sponsors!
Now, without further ado – the winning edits of 2015:


Best Edit Award – 1st place

Sofia Mellino with M (1931)


Best Edit Award  – 2nd place

Kerryn Assaizky with Freaks (1932)


Best Edit Award – 3rd place

TheSprezz with The Warriors (1979)


Honorary Mentions go to the next runner-ups:

GeorgeD with Human Vol 1 (2015)

Fabrizio Benatti with The Good Girl (2002)

Dave Euson with War of the Robots (1978)

Bernd Klimm with Tomorrow is Today (2006)

Richard Starkey with Viola (2010)



Fun Edit Award

 Neofeopeo with Meet Bill (2007)


Honorary Mentions go to the runner-ups:

Dave Euson with Return of the Kung Fu Dragon (1976)

The Wad with Satan’s School For Girls (1973)

Tommy McMorris with Manos: The Hands of Fate (1966)



90to5 Editor’s Pick Award

Zachary Ruda with Phantom of the Opera (1925)


Honorary Mentions go to the runner-ups:

Sofia Mellino with M (1931)

Zeta with The Last Man on Earth (1964)

Ivan Poropat with Life in a Day (2011)



Audience Award

Fabrizio Benatti with The Good Girl (2002)

Honorary Mentions go to the runner-ups:

Zeta with The Last Man on Earth (1964)

TheSprezz with The Warriors (1979)

Liam Nenortas with Palo Alto (2013)



Don’t be sad if your name is not on the list: all the jury members complained just how many awesome edits there were this time around, making the decision incredibly hard. We are looking forward to welcome everybody back next year!
The 90to5ers

Thank you editors!

Dear 90to5 editors,

Thank you so much for all those edit-treats you sent us! We are happily munching away 😀

These are the next steps: You can relax and enjoy watching upcoming edits at
We will continue to post about one edit per day for about 20 days. After that we will announce when the public voting will be happening (a period of roughly two weeks). In the meantime the jurors will do their magic behind closed doors to figure out this year’s winners. This requires a lot of communication as our jury is spread all over the world… Hopefully we will be able to announce the winners in the first half of December. Watch this space for updates…
Thanks a lot for your awesome edits, your patience and for being such good sports – it has been a fabulous ride for us so far and we are looking forward to the next weeks.

The 90to5ers

Thank you jurors!

This is just a little thank you note and love-letter to our jurors!

They will be taking their time to watch everybody’s edits and think about who should end up taking away the prizes. It is a very tough job, especially as all the source movies are so different.
Give a warm welcome to Beegle who joins the jury this year. Thanks heaps to you and to all our jury members: Juan Manuel, Kirsten, Bin, Reave, Neglify and L8wrtr! We hope you will enjoy watching all those awesome edits we received (and are still receiving) this year.

Unfortunately Mark and TM2YC won’t have time this year – but thanks again for your work and support over the past years! We hope to be able to welcome you back on future editions of our challenge!

Gratefully yours,
The 90to5ers

Deadline Extension – November 1st 2015

The 90to5 Editing Challenge is about to land… due to popular demand and the hope for a few more submissions the landing has been rescheduled to November 1st 2015! Up up & edit away 😀

The mouthwatering prizes:
Sony Software
Sony awards the winners with two awesome software packages: Catalyst Production Suite (includes Browse, Prepare and Edit) and Audio Master Suite (incl. Sound Forge Pro, SpectraLayers Pro and much more)
Catalyst is a new piece of software for PC and Mac (Finally Sony Software offers an editing solution for Mac, too – yay!) that lets you organize, prepare and edit all sorts of footage including 4k files.
Audio Master Suite includes the legendary Sound Forge Pro as well as SpectraLayers Pro – a new way of seeing and editing sound waves. Plus lots of other useful tools…

Red Giant
Red Giant awards the top winner with Shooter Suite: Great tools to get your footage ready for editing!
All the winners will get Plural Eyes, so you are never going to get out of sync.

Logickeyboard donates free choice of keyboards to the top 3 winners… Using shortcuts will speed up your workflow tremendously!

Videoblocks awards one year subscription to all the winners! That means ultimate downloads for one year – the downloaded clips can be used forever. Those clips are very helpful to stand in for missing footage for your edit or even to create something completely new.

To see the full list of prizes at the 90to5 Editing Challenge, go to
Happy editing! 🙂

Welcome to the 90to5 Editing Challenge

The 90to5 Editing Challenge is all about the art & fun of film editing. We encourage you to take part in our contest to polish you editing skills, have fun, learn and teach

Cut a 90 minute feature down to 5

We dare you to edit a full feature length movie down to 5 minutes… without losing the essence of the story! Basically, you create a short film using material provided by the 90 minute feature (Best Edit Award).
Or create a totally new story from the original footage for the Fun Edit Award.

It’s as easy as falling off a log

1. Pick your favorite movie
2. Start up the editing software of your choice and cut away…
3. Upload your masterpiece ’til October 25th November 1st 2015!

Watch last year’s edits to get inspired

Quite a couple of awesome edits can be found at or at our youtube channel. Notice the differences in movies that have been edited multiple times.

The 90to5 team

PS: We also put together a little FAQ. If you have any other questions or suggestions (e.g. a link to an awesome tutorial page) drop us a line.

Press to Play!

Wooohooo! It’s time again to push those buttons on your keyboard that turn footage into art!
New to the challenge? Here is how it’s done:

1. Choose movie
2. Check specs and edit vigorously down to 5 minutes
3. Submit award winning edit (by October 25th 2015) & win cool stuff

…looking forward to your awesome edits – have fun!
the 90to5ers

PS: After submitting it takes a couple of days for your edit to show up at

Editing Challenge is back – whooohooo!!!

90to5 Editing Challenge 2014 is coming soon!

We are super excited!
And ready, right in time for the world-cup. No, wait – you can’t watch football and edit at the same time, do you? Research showed that only 2% of people can multitask successfully. So the challenge actually starts in a couple of weeks… but we already work hard behind the scenes to get the 2014 edition off the ground…

… e.g. creating a forum:
Editing can be pretty tough, right? What if you could ask for advice on how to tastefully slice this blockbuster into bite-sized pieces?
You can take a look at the forum already (, which some of you will hopefully be using to learn from each other…

… putting past edits on the 90to5 youtube channel (starting soon)

… opening the challenge up to more recent movies (especially for the fun award)

… still looking for sponsors contributing to awesome prizes (let us know if you know an editing related company/service/association that would like to be part of the fun)

We will be back with more details soon – keep your fingers crossed and your mouse clean ;9
The 90to5ers

90to5 how2torial

Tutorial on how to edit 90to5

Hey, check out the new tutorial on how to edit 90 to 5:
how2torial on youtube
It’s just a little fun clip as most of us prefer moving colors to static black text. You still might want to check out the kick off post and the FAQ before swinging the razor blade. Enjoy watching and editing!

The 90to5 team