Press to Play!

Wooohooo! It’s time again to push those buttons on your keyboard that turn footage into art!
New to the challenge? Here is how it’s done:

1. Choose movie
2. Check specs and edit vigorously down to 5 minutes
3. Submit award winning edit (by October 25th 2015) & win cool stuff

…looking forward to your awesome edits – have fun!
the 90to5ers

PS: After submitting it takes a couple of days for your edit to show up at

Editing Challenge is back – whooohooo!!!

90to5 Editing Challenge 2014 is coming soon!

We are super excited!
And ready, right in time for the world-cup. No, wait – you can’t watch football and edit at the same time, do you? Research showed that only 2% of people can multitask successfully. So the challenge actually starts in a couple of weeks… but we already work hard behind the scenes to get the 2014 edition off the ground…

… e.g. creating a forum:
Editing can be pretty tough, right? What if you could ask for advice on how to tastefully slice this blockbuster into bite-sized pieces?
You can take a look at the forum already (, which some of you will hopefully be using to learn from each other…

… putting past edits on the 90to5 youtube channel (starting soon)

… opening the challenge up to more recent movies (especially for the fun award)

… still looking for sponsors contributing to awesome prizes (let us know if you know an editing related company/service/association that would like to be part of the fun)

We will be back with more details soon – keep your fingers crossed and your mouse clean ;9
The 90to5ers

90to5 how2torial

Tutorial on how to edit 90to5

Hey, check out the new tutorial on how to edit 90 to 5:
how2torial on youtube
It’s just a little fun clip as most of us prefer moving colors to static black text. You still might want to check out the kick off post and the FAQ before swinging the razor blade. Enjoy watching and editing!

The 90to5 team

Challenge Kick Off!

link to 90to5 Edits

Get your plastic swords, razor blades and computer mouses ready – 90to5 Editing Challenge calls for entries: We challenge you to cut a full length public domain feature down to 5 minutes. The catch: keep true to the original story… or create a new one. Here is how it’s done:

1. Pick your favorite public domain movie
2. Start up the editing software of your choice and cut away…
3. Upload your masterpiece until August 15th 2012!

Everybody is welcome to participate – there is no entry fee! Public voting at (you!) will determine the winners of awesome material and cash prizes.

We are very excited and can’t wait to see your edit! Happy cutting 🙂
The 90to5 team.

90to5 Editing Challenge call for entries is near

Call for entries is close

We are happy to announce that quite a few sponsors have agreed to jump on board to get some awesome prizes ready for you to take away from the challenge. Working hard behind the scenes to fill in the last couple of sponsor-spots and set everything up for the call for entries… Stay tuned!

This is 90to5 Editing Challenge

Welcome to 90to5 Editing Awards

Hello world! This is the 90to5 Editing Challenge blog. We are very exited to have you here and hope you will join the fun: to enter the competition, just edit a full feature public domain movie down to 5 minutes.
It’s all about extracting the essence of a movie, boiling it down to the core but still making it a smooth viewing experience. It’s a challenge, but we know you can do it.

In the next couple of days we will post an example edit as well as other materials to help you get started.

This is an audience award! A couple of days after the deadline, we will put all entries online, for your viewing pleasure as well as for voting and commenting. Have fun editing, voting and winning!