Before you upload please take a look at the specs page and you might want to check out our terms and conditions, too. In a nutshell: You grant us the right to show your edit online non-exclusively (that means you still have all the rights to do whatever you want with your clip). You have to be logged in to view this form:


We are looking forward to watching your masterpiece! 😀 If you keep having problems uploading – send us a message and we will figure out a way to make it happen, e.g. via wetransfer.com. Or you can submit via Festhome as well, if you like (this is for free, too).
The last option would be to just put your clip on youtube or vimeo (in the form of “Movie Title (Year) by Your Name for 90to5” ) and we download/embed it at 90to5.org

7 thoughts on “Upload”

  1. I choose the category of Best Edit Award / 90to5 Editor’s Pick Award.

    I mentioned that on the notes text box is it going to appear on the notes about the movie?

    Thank you,
    Miguel Canaverde

  2. Hello,
    I tried uploading my video 5 times via this page, used 5 different compressed files with different parameters but as I click the “Upload File” button I get an error (unknown error).
    After a couple of attempts I tried the “Festhome” option.
    The uploads were successful, but when checking the playback before finalizing the submission process, I always find glitches in the video. A freeze of 1/2 a second around a certain cut, missing 2 seconds from the end, a digital interference during a few frames. No matter whether I use, MP4, MOV, AVI containers and various codecs (H.261/H.264/X.264), different compression tools (Sorenson, MPEG Streamclip), the uploaded results are always faulty. The source which I cut on Avid MC is flawless as well as every single conversion and compression I tried. I created this video about 8 ,months ago as an artistic act (and uploaded it to Vimeo 5 months ago) before coming across your festival. The Vimeo version has a different name that I gave the project when conceiving it and is not formulated to your requirements.
    I can change the name on Vimeo but it will not serve well the post so it is something I prefer to avoid.
    Any ideas?

  3. I was just curious as to how I know if my edit actually went through or not? I uploaded my video on the 21st but never received a confirmation once it was completed. The site just brought me to a blank error page once the upload process was done.

    Chris M.

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